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Intensive Courses / crash courses

'Is it really possible to learn to drive in only one week?'

Intensive driving courses, or one week crash driving course as they are sometimes called, are the fastest way today's learners can learn to drive, take the official DSA practical driving test, pass and gain a full UK driving license all in a week. Our driving school based in Sussex specializes in these very successful and cost effective driving courses.

Which course suits me?

We have several types of intensive course, a 25 30 35 40 hour courses and a pay as you go. The 25 30 35 hour courses are designed with the partly trained student in mind. If you are already able to move off and stop and negotiate junctions successfully this may suit you. However before booking one of these courses we strongly suggest you have an assessment with one of our instructors.

The 40 hour course is designed for the absolute beginner and will take you from the controls lesson through the complete syllabus necessary to take the practical test.

Pay as you go intensive course

Whats a pay as you go intensive course You only pay for the hours you actually require to get you ready for test so if you are a quick learner you get the benefits of the 40 hour intensive course and potentially save your self some money

In the short time of your course you will encounter a limited number of road situations and because of this you will be of limited experience. For this reason we strongly recommend a 'pass plus' course is completed on passing the test. This will ensure you leave us a 'complete ' driver.

Am I ready for an intensive course?

In order to book an Intensive course you must have completed and passed the theory and hazard perception tests. The reason for this is that the practical will be pre-booked to be taken 3 days to a week (depending on availability) after completion of the course. We cannot pre-book the practical without a theory pass certificate.

Can I start lessons while I study for my theory?

Most students want to get started right away so if you have not passed your theory yet why not start with some weekly lessons and study with the aid of your instructor. This may give you the training you need to do the shorter 21 hour course instead of the 35 hour course.





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